Guide of Doc Generators with E-sign

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  1. PDF Butler
  2. S-Docs
  3. Titan (Doc & Sign)
  4. PandaDoc
  5. Conga Composer
  6. DocuSign

Best Overall: PDF Butler is affordable and full-featured without complicated implementation

Best Multi-Tool Solution: In addition to Doc (for doc gen) and Sign (for e-signatures), Titan offers complimentary tools including Forms, Web, Workflow, Survey, and an all-in-one option called Platform.

Most Powerful: Conga is one of the biggest names in Salesforce document generation tools with extensive features. They also offered a growing array of complimentary tools. It is also widely considered a challenging tool to implement and I would recommend finding a Conga specialist to help you (not me).

Best for Enterprise: DocuSign is already used by many large businesses and integrates well with Salesforce. I find this implementation to be far more cumbersome than it needs to be, with multiple doc gen methods with different capabilities. On the positive side, it has the features needed for the vast majority of business needs.

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